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What To Expect

We will work together in the initial design stages of your project to make sure we have a plan to bring your vision to life. If you need help with what your vision actually is, I will help to facilitate and lead the way through that. For more local clients I like to have you to my shop as well as do on location meetings. For client's with a further distance from my me, some like to fly me out to have an on-site planning meeting and with others we will have our meetings through phone calls or video conference. 


Exclusive Access

As your piece comes to life you will have access to view it through exclusive video chats with me from inside the shop! This is a great time to ask questions or make any design changes together if necessary. We can also schedule an in person viewing at my shop if you are interested in doing so. This can be a fun time to include the family or any business partners to see what is going on!


Commissioning Your Project

​Once we have all the details figured out I will provide you with an estimate as well as a tentative delivery date for you to review. When the contract is signed a 50% deposit is required to start your piece. Your remaining balance is due at delivery or on other terms if negotiated.

VIP Status

Once you have become a Jesse Purdom collector you will be the first to know when something new is going to come out and will get all the invites to exclusive showings and parties. 

Ready To Start?!

When you partner with me to build you a custom sculpture you are investing in a true piece of artwork that can become a heirloom piece to your family or will be a show stopping marketing asset to your business, sure to blow all of your competition out of the water! I want to make sure you love what you are investing in and am diligent to look over every detail to have it be as perfect as possible. If you are ready to start the discussion fill out the form below. I can't wait to hear from you!

Commission Request

We will get in touch with you shortly! Thank you!

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